Recipe: Sausage And Bacon BBQ Pizza

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Sausage And Bacon BBQ Pizza Close Up

There is no other way of saying this; I am a fussy eater. I would say I eat well, but I do eat a limited range of items.

In recent times I have been trying to broaden my horizons, food wise, by trying other foods. One food I have never tried is pizza; mainly because I don’t like the smell and also because I don’t like tomato. However, I’ve spent a little time thinking about this and then searched online for alternatives.

The alternative I found was BBQ sauce which I do like. Having determined this I looked at the toppings I could use which I had in the house or could easily get.


  • Pizza base
  • Two pork and apple sausages
  • Four rashers of smoked bacon
  • Mature Farmhouse Cheddar
  • Half a mozzarella ball

I bought a pre-baked pizza base to make life easier; making the pizza at all is fairly adventurous for me.
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