Mango Ice Cream

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I developed a taste for mango a while ago; I now far prefer mango and orange juice over pure orange. So when I wanted another fruity ice cream mango was my go to choice.

I made a mango cheesecake a while ago that didn’t work well. For that I used a fresh mango and it was a nightmare trying to peel the mangoes, so for the ice cream I used a tin of mangoes.

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Coconut Ice Cream

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Based on the vanilla ice cream this coconut one is a really nice variation. Using only desiccated coconut I was a little worried when making it that the coconut taste might be very subtle. It wasn’t. The coconut taste was very strong making for a delicious ice cream R enjoy alongside a glass of dark rum.

I used a full box of desiccated coconut(it had gone out of date a while back some figured I might as well use it all up), but I image that the coconut taste would have been as good with only half a box.

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Vanilla Ice Cream

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Most of the recipes I have found online require an ice cream maker, but one is really not needed. All you need to do once you have the mix in the freezer is remove it every so often and whisk with a fork to prevent the formation of ice crystals. Making ice cream is actually a very simple process.

I’ll be posting some more of the recipes I have used when making ice cream, but will start off with a simple vanilla one (which my neice described as better than shop bought).

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