Recipe: Ham And Cheese BBQ Pizza

Recipe: Sausage And Bacon BBQ Pizza

Ham And Cheese BBQ Pizza Close Up

I made my first ever pizza the other night and I have half a ball of mozzarella remaining so I decided to have a go at a ham and cheese pizza.


  • Pizza base
  • Three slices of smoked ham
  • Mature Farmhouse Cheddar
  • Half a mozzarella ball

I had another pre-baked pizza base to make life easier.

Before You Begin

Drain the mozzarella (if you don;t want this hassle you can buy grated mozzarella) and preheat the oven to temperature specified on the pizza base packaging.

Preparing The Topping

Spread a thin layer of BBQ sauce onto the pizza base; BBQ sauce has quite a strong taste so applying only a thin layer is important if you don’t want to overpower the other flavours.

Break the half mozzarella ball and place on the pizza base.

Shread the ham and place on the pizza base.

Finally grate some of the cheddar cheese over the top.

Base with BBQ sauceMozzarella addedHam addedCheddar addedCooked pizza

Cooking The Pizza

With the toppings applied, place the pizza in the oven for 10-15 minutes as specified by the packing of the pre-baked base.

Thoughts For Next Time

This pizza was nice and, as with the previous pizza, I’m not sure if I would change anything when I do this again, although I did prefer the first one to this.

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